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IPPS Innovative Public Procurement Solutions private company limited by shares (IPPS Zrt.)

Csendes Consulting Kft. the predecessor of IPPS Zrt. has been founded in January 2015. Csendes Consulting Kft. has been transformed into a private company limited by shares as of 18 October 2017. The company has changed its name in May 2021 and continues to operate under the name IPPS Zrt.

IPPS Zrt. primarily performs various consulting tasks related to public procurements, but the company’s areas of activity are constantly expanding. Our business philosophy is guided by professional competence, strict compliance with public procurement legislation and adherence to deadlines, as well as precision. We strive for close cooperation with our partners at all times.

Our services

Our advisory/consultancy activities cover all areas of public procurement, including (but not limited to) the following key fields:

  • All-round implementation of public procurement proceedings for all types of contracting authorities, both in English and Hungarian;
  • Public procurement advisory services for tenderers (compilation of tenders, supply of missing information, etc.);
  • Representation in appeals procedures;
  • Supervision and control tasks pursuant to Government Decree 272/2014. (XI. 5.), including Ex ante and Ex post (ESZA, VP, TOP) controls as well;
  • Preparation of position statements;
  • Public procurement consultancy with personal availability;
  • Advisory and consultancy services related to procurements.

Our services in detail – Contracting Authorities

  • Preparation of public procurement policies, policies applicable to competitive procedures;
  • Preparation of (public) procurement procedures, all-around implementation, including projects funded through grants (e.g. EU funding, Norway Grants, etc);
  • Contribution to establishing a contracting authority consortium;
  • Implementation of concession procedures;
  • Representation of contracting authorities in appeals procedures of public procurement proceedings;
  • Implementation of tasks related to the electronic public procurement system.

Our services in detail – Tenderers

  • Compilation of tenders/requests to participate;
  • Representation of tenderers/candidates in public procurement proceedings, (wording of preliminary dispute settlement requests, representation in appeals procedures);
  • Advisory services for tenderers/candidates;
  • Implementation of tasks related to the electronic public procurement system (EKR).

Our services in detail – Other services

  • Supervision and control tasks pursuant to Government Decree 272/2014. (XI. 5.), including Ex ante and Ex post (ESZA, VP, TOP) controls as well;
  • Cooperation with companies in the field of public procurement and administrative assistance related to public procurement procedures.

Human resources

In the 6 years since its establishment, our company has become a key market competitor and our staff has doubled several times since then. Simultaneously with the expansion, our management has continuously kept in mind the efficient design of work processes and the improvement of the organisational structure as needed. In addition to our full-time employees we have a wide range of subcontractors enabling us to involve more than 20 responsible accredited public procurement consultants on an ongoing basis. Additionally, to meet the needs of our clients, we can also provide local experts to more and more clients in cities and towns throughout Hungary. Each of our key consultant colleagues has more than 5-10 years of professional experience in the public procurement field.

IT background

It is one of our basic principles to perform both professional and back-office tasks for our Partners in the most efficient way possible. To this end, we have developed our proprietary IT system specifically for managing our public procurement activities, in which we have up-to-date information available during performance.

Reference works

We have a number of references in the areas of all-round implementation of public procurement proceedings, representation of tenderers and representation of clients in appeals procedures.